Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Laugter: the best medicine

With all the problems we come to face every single minute of our existence, we should forget about self deprivation. hello people! we all need a break, for pete's sake!..giving yourself a chance to enjoy sometime is not punishable by law(hahahaha..silly statement)..anyway,

"laughing is the easiest and most convenient way to enjoy"
..it does not only relieve stress but is also very good to your health..yes!..you read it right..It's so so good for and your figure! Do you know that laughing causes you to burn alot of calories?!
(i don't know how much in exact)
..you should include it in your "slimming" routine(is there such term?!)..
It prevents aging also(your natural anti-aging regiment)..haha..just a tip folks!..
Well, anyway so much for my longest introduction...
What i'd like to share to you is about my best laughing moments for the day..haha..such a long intro huh?!..To tell you guys and gals, I just had a movie date with my friends today.. And damn!..I'd enjoyed the movie alot.Although I also enjoyed that movie date with my mom, beforehand.But what we've watch is a love story..not comedic..ahahah..So going back, I'd like to give extra credits to starcinema for that(applause!applause!)..the movie "Tanging Ina 2" really got me off my seat due to excessive laughter(almost!literally!)..I can still remember the funniest scene(the lobo stunt scene), and can't help myself from laughing until now..if you'll consider the calories I'd burn for that?!..Huh!can't imagine..Alot I'm sure!..Spoofs from different movies and commercials; and the "sayings",hahaha it's funny really.. oh well I know some would say it's not, shallow i would be, but i did had a great fun..haha it seems that this post should be a movie review perhaps..I could also give into account that my friends were also a great part of that enjoyable moments..not just the movie itself..you know,it's easier to laugh your heart out if your with those
persons who can laugh with you
..huh!senti...i missed them so much..uhhh..yeah..it pays much more spending time with them than spending time alone..quality time it is!..sulit every second..
I can say, I'm very well right at this moment..I forgot all my worries just now..and it feels good and so right..so gaan the feeling(like the shampoo commercial before?!)..Laughter really is the best medicine..and guys!..take note,it's free. no need to spend a single amount of centavo. So HAVE A BREAK!..LAUGH ALOT..starts when?..Could be NOW!!..^_^

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Tortoises' Picnic

There were once three tortoises...Father, Mother and Baby. One beautiful spring day, they decided to go on a picnic. They thought about the trip for a while and finally chose the ideal location--a lovely wooded area some distance away from their home. The Tortoise Family began to gather together the things for their picnic. They got cans of salmon and cans of tongue, sandwiches, orange squash, and everything else they could think of. After about three months of preparation, they were all ready and so they set out, carrying their baskets.<--break-->
The three tortoises walked and walked and walked. Time passed and, after about eighteen months, they sat down to have a rest, but they knew exactly where they wanted to go for their picnic and they were already almost halfway there...so they soon set out again. Three years after they had begun their excursion, they arrived at their chosen location and it was a beautiful spot. They unpacked their baskets, spread the red-and-white checkered cloth out on the ground and arranged the food. Everything looked wonderful.
But then, with a concerned frown upon her face, Mother Tortoise began to search frantically through the picnic baskets. She turned them all upside down and shook them, but they were totally empty...every last one of them. Mother Tortoise turned to her puzzled little family. "We've forgotten the can-opener!" she told them in dismay. They looked at each other for a while and, at last, Father and Mother Tortoise told Baby that he would have to go back home and get it.
"What?" asked Baby Tortoise. "Go back all that long way?" Father Tortoise nodded his head gravely. "Nothing else for it," he said mournfully. "We need the can-opener." "We'll wait for you," added Mother Tortoise kindly, "and we won't touch anything until you get back."
"You promise?" queried Baby Tortoise. "You won't take even the teeniest- tiniest bite?" Both Mother and Father promised faithfully so Baby Tortoise plodded away and, after a while, was lost to sight among the bushes.
Father Tortoise and Mother Tortoise waited...and waited...and waited. A whole year went by and they were beginning to get rather hungry, but they had promised Baby that they wouldn't take even the smallest crumb of anything until he returned and so, they waited. Yet another year went by and they become really hungry, but they had promised and so, they waited. Then Father Tortoise said, "Don't you think we could maybe have just one little sandwich each? After all, Baby Tortoise will never know the difference!" "Shame on you!" declared Mother Tortoise. "We made him a promise and we will just have to wait until he comes back!" Father Tortoise sighed and reluctantly put down the sandwich that was halfway to his mouth.
And so, they waited...and waited...and waited. Another year passed and then another. By this time, Mother and Father Tortoise were ravenous. One day, Mother Tortoise announced, "It's been six years...you'd think Baby would have been back by now!" Father Tortoise agreed. "Yes, you'd think so, wouldn't you? Why don't we have just one sandwich between us while we're waiting?"
Mother Tortoise looked toward where Baby Tortoise had disappeared over six years ago and, seeing no sign of his return, unwrapped one of the sandwiches. As she and Father Tortoise began to nibble on half each, a little voice said, "Aha! I knew it...I just knew you'd cheat and not wait for me to come back!" Suddenly, the head of Baby Tortoise popped out of a bush. "It's a good thing I never started for home to go fetch that can-opener!"